Egg Tray Making Machine Review

Egg tray making machines is used to make paper egg trays from recycled waste paper and water. Its production is made up of three main stages which include pulping, forming and drying. The pulping system mixes the waste paper and water to the correct concentration. The pulp is then moved to the forming system where the egg trays are made. Finally the drying system dries the egg trays since it still contains water. The output of this machine is measured by number of trays per hour and is greatly dependent on the size and quality of the machine. The operation of the machine can either be automatic or semi-automatic. Nowadays, egg tray machine is becoming more and more popular.

Properties of egg tray making machine
The machine can be full automatic or semi-automatic. Full automatic egg tray making machine does not require human assistance in the process, once raw materials are input into the system it carries out the different stages of operation automatically till the end. The semi-automatic machines on the other hand require human assistance in different manufacturing stages. After forming stage, the wet paper tray is transmitted to drying line by human assistance. Semi automatic paper egg tray machine for sale is preferable for mass production. The source of energy for both machines can either be diesel, gas and coal.

paper egg tray making machine
Different egg tray drying lines
Quality and durability of the egg trays is greatly dependent on the drying line. The drying lines used are brick drying and multi-layer drying. Brick drying line is made of bricks and helps in improving the shelf life of the egg tray. Multi-layer drying line is made of different metal layers. Brick drying line is easy to maintain and has an extended life since it is made of bricks while the multi-layer drying line occupies a small space and has an easy installation. Depending on your preference one can choose a drying line that best suits the manufacturing needs. You can click here for more information:

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Advantages of egg tray making machine
The main advantage of this machine is that it uses waste materials as its input thus being beneficial when it comes to environment conservation. Its main raw materials comprise of water and waste paper, this reduces the harmful impact that the waste material could have caused to the environment. The machine is easy to operate and efficient thus making it easy to maintain and use while obtaining the best out of it. The machine has a wide operation and can alternatively be used to produce shoe supporters, apple trays and other types of paper trays by changing the molds. The machine has many economic advantages like use of affordable source of energy and low labour. Other economic benefit is affordability of the machine and low maintenance cost.
The price of egg tray making machine is different depending on the operation advantage, manufacturer and size. While looking for one, it is good to consider the amount of desired output, source of power and alternative applications that the machine has apart from making egg trays. Full automatic egg tray making machine is preferable for domestic use or for a low production of egg trays. If you desire an increased production, the semi-automatic egg tray making machine is preferable.  Why not visit this website: